Make lasting connections with postcards

Has a client ever told you they kept your email because it was so cute? Has anyone ever put off making an appointment because they looked forward to your next email?

No? Hmmmm.

Plenty of customers who buy MBS postcards say their clients do, though. Their clients love the cute images, and they like to see what’s coming next. It’s not surprising to us that experts say, in fact, that direct mail postcards are visited 4 times in households before they are discarded. Based on what our customers tell us, there’s a good chance an MBS postcard will stick around a household even longer.

It’s not just about the image on the card, either. Postcards go beyond a quick-sale mentality toward long-term relationship building. When you send postcards, the personal touch demonstrates your care for your clients and their pets. It’s a win-win knowing that everyone wants to be valued and appreciated.

Welcome thank you, and birthday postcards are perfect for showing enthusiasm, hospitality, and good will. Say “hello” with welcome cards and express appreciation with thank you cards. Join in the celebration of new pets and their “gotcha days” or birthdays. Clients will see you as a friend and a caring professional.

Reminder postcards are a mark of friendship as well. Busy pet parents will feel supported when you keep them in the know about their pets’ vaccination and booster needs.

The best part is that there are so many options for doing all of the above! This allows you to choose designs that suit your practice brand and/or your clients’ tastes. There’s a plethora of precious pets on seasonal, informational, and educational cards in our postcard line.

Imagine all the uses!

There are loads of opportunities for getting the word out about your practice and services:

Special occasions such as relocating your practice. Keep clients in the loop with Moving Postcards;

Promotions and events that could include offers and open houses;

Veterinary-related awareness months like Senior Health, Pet Dental Health, and Heartworm;

Seasons! People pay attention to cards that reflect their environment and Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter do just that;

Holidays, too, of course! Send tidings of good cheer and appreciation at Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and many other days to stay top of mind.

When it comes to the wording on the back of them, you’re not on your own either. You can have your own message imprinted or if you are at a loss for words, we have Message Suggestions. You can use them as is or tweak them to fit your needs.

So, yes indeed, we have the postcards – words and images – that will get the job done for you. Just let us know how we can help you connect with your clients.




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Birthday Messages

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