Scatter Tube Instructions

Step 1

Remove lid from scatter tube by gently twisting the cap.

Step 2 & 3

Step 2

Remove the inner white tube by gently twisting. Place the white inner tube on a flat surface with the open end facing upward.


Step 3

Carefully fill the white tube with the cremated pet remains. (A funnel might be helpful)

Step 4

Using the supplied glue, squeeze a generous line of glue around the inside circumference of the outer tube (the tube that has the printed image).

Step 5

While keeping the inner white tube on the flat surface, slip the outer tube downward slowly. This allows air to escape through the vent hole. Rotate as you push them together.

Step 6

Once the tubes are firmly together, attach the provided label over the vent hole.

NOTE: it is very important to attach the label at this time to prevent any remains from escaping when the scatter tube is turned over.

Step 7

Turn the completed scatter tube over and align the lid back onto the tube.

Step 8

To scatter remains, simply remove the lid and push through the perforated disc.

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