CEO visits MBS

Shout out to our local Effingham County CEO classes! MBS Communications once again had the pleasure of hosting these high school juniors and seniors as they learn about taking their entrepreneurial spirits to the next level. Our own Janae Holtz, as well as three of our employees’ offspring, are alumni of the class so it’s near and dear to our hearts. The owners and employees of MBS are very happy to share our stories and experiences with the next generation of community and business leaders.

What’s In A Name? Heart and Soul

It’s true. We’ve got a name that can confuse our new customers at times. Questions like “Who are you? A cable or telephone company?” still pop up now and then when we answer the phone.

It doesn’t take long to inform callers that we provide marketing supplies, not Netflix or smartphone data. To try and explain the name with the quick, easy answer of “M, B, S are the first initials of the company owners” simply skims the surface of who we are.

While “MBS” stands for the partnership between Mary, Becky, and Steve, the scope of “MBS Communications” is broader yet. It means relationships. Relationships between our company and its employees; our company and its customers; those customers and their clients.

The connections, and, yes, the communications that all those relationships need are what motivate us to  work hard. They are what we aim to achieve by being who we are, every day, in everything we do.

The name MBS Communications might be a little fuzzy or general for those new to it, but it helps guide our work  every day. It’s the key to our vision of creating and nurturing relationships. It represents our company’s heart and soul.

To learn more about MBS, check out our About Us page and the MBS History post. Stay tuned for our upcoming post about Our Mission.  

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