7 Reasons Why MBS Bags Are For You

You’ve been told to order some bags. Which kind? For what? From where? This was supposed to be an easy task, or so you thought. Is your head swirling yet? Now what? The best answer: start here. In this post, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the top 7 reasons why you should turn to MBS Communications for bag solutions.

  • Material! How about Paper, Plastic, or Fabric? The impression you want to make, and the practicalities of what you need go hand in hand when it comes to what type of bag to purchase. In addition to your own marketing goals, there are sometimes many factors such as state and local regulations that you must consider. If you need to know the thickness and make up of our bags, click on Product Specifics on our FAQs page.
  • Customizable! This is a biggie – if you are not already using your logo on your bags, can we just ask why not? You know, it’s not just for letterhead and ginormous billboards anymore. Let your clients carry around walking billboards for your practice with your name, address, and phone number plastered on our personalized bags.
  • Ready To Ship! In a hurry for bags? No worries, we have you covered with lots of in-stock options that include our super cute, super popular Scatter Bags, RX Bags, and Popcorn Bags. We even have 1-Color Plastic Bags available too.
  • Sizes! Grab your ruler because we have tons of sizes (and just a tip – if you don’t have a ruler handy, grab a standard size 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper out of your printer and use it for reference). Almost all of each type we offer come in multiple sizes for your convenience.
  • Styles! By “styles”, we’re talking flat bottom bags (see our Popcorn Bags), as well as those that are pinch bottom like our Merchandise Bags, and those that are gusseted such as our Full Color Paper Totes. Having that variety in how bags are constructed literally gives you as much room as you want for what you’ll place inside. It’s not just the construction either; there is the whole “handles, no handles” thing.  There are bags with handles, but not just any handles – there are macramé handles, die cut handles, and reinforced handles on our bags. Handles aren’t your “bag?” We have plenty without them. Who knew there could be so many choices, right?
  • Colors! Match your practice colors from our color palettes or pick a color just because you like it. We’re totally good with that.
  • Designs! Our designers will not let any bags ship out to you without touching them with their talent and skills. We work really, really hard at creating images that resonate with pet lovers. Your clients will instantly recall who gave them the great bags they like so much.

Small bags for medicines, sturdy bags for foods and shop purchases, bright and colorful bags for giveaways at open houses and events … whatever you are in the market for, we have. If you’re having trouble deciding which bag is right for you, reach out to us and we will help you make a purchase you’ll love.

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