How to succeed at business, the MBS way

MBS Communications is small, like a village. We employ a very small number of people in what most would consider a tiny town in Central Illinois. The view from our windows is of soybean and corn fields, and inside the building you’ll find that most of us bear the surnames of German ancestors.

Like those that came before us to settle in this small farming community, we can be described as hard-working, fun-loving, and friendly. We are in the Midwest, after all! Together we create great products and deliver spectacular service as we support our customers with their marketing efforts.

Here’s a quick look at who we are and how we live out our promise:

Dynamic customer care

If you’ve been a customer of MBS for a long time, chances are that you’ve talked to Vicki, Cindy, and Deb. Judging by what our customers have to say, the Golden Rule has been the key to success for MBS, and these three do a wonderful job of following it. Treating others the way they want to be treated is second nature to them. Guiding clients to marketing pieces that exceed their expectations requires the kind of active listening, problem-solving and personal touch they deliver with expertise. They embody the concept of great customer care with their product knowledge and empathy.

The right attitude

With hundreds of website orders crossing her desk daily, MBS’s Maria is masterful at coordinating their fulfillment. She does so with a sunny disposition that belies how serious she is about providing service to our growing online customer base.

Organization and efficiency

If you look at the details of our products, you’ll see that there is always more than meets the eye. This truth applies to customer service as well. Two of the MBS people who do a wonderful job in the after-the-sale aspect of customer care are Jean and Natalie. While they don’t talk to customers, they excel at the roles they play in our “fast and friendly service” motto. It’s no small feat, but their efficiency is integral to delivering on our promise of fast shipping. Their organizational skills help us ship out many, many products within 24 hours of orders.

All figured out

Ashtyn and Kristen are adept at keeping the wheels turning in our accounting department. They both have keen eyes for detail and are quick to answer customer questions regarding their orders and payment.

Where creativity and inspiration meet

“Creative” is a broad term and encompasses much here at MBS. There’s product development and design, website design and maintenance, social media, catalog design and writing, greeting card verse writing, print production and management. Of course, custom design work for our customers is also included. The MBS creative team members – Cheryl, Darren, Corey, Tina, Dena, Matt, Rachel, Brooke, and Kelli – are a talented, skilled, versatile crew who are at your service.

Moving right along through the printing process

All totaled, there are literally thousands of reminder cards, supply bags, business and appointment cards and more printed in the MBS Print Room on a weekly basis. Our print room team is comprised of Tim, Andy, Mark K., Mark V., and Dan. They do excellent work with the full spectrum of printing from color management to cutting, trimming, and folding. And, oh yes,  that’s not to mention their equipment knowledge and maintenance skills. There is an art and a science to what they do!

Staying on top with promotional products

Our promotional products manager, Eric, travels to shows such as the PPAI show, Las Vegas and EME events, multiple times a year in search of the most effective promotional products for our customers. He’s in constant contact with our vendors to make sure we have the best promotional items available. One thing Eric has learned is that the sky is the limit when it comes to the promotional products industry.

On hand and ready for you

Product planning and development, catalog printing, web designing and more takes a lot of time, thought, energy, and effort. One of our MBS team members, Zach, contributes greatly by purchasing many of our products. Along with ordering our very popular scatter bags, seed packets, kids’ tattoos, and memorial cards, he recently has also taken on the extra duty of ordering many of the promotional items we offer.

Leading like a trio of bosses

Mary, Becky, and Steve have steered this ship called MBS Communications from its humble beginnings more than 25 years ago. They poured heart and soul into their business, striving for excellence and innovation. And though Steve and Becky are officially retired, they still provide input and guidance. (We think it’s in their blood now.)

To learn more about how they envisioned this company into being and their inspiration for doing so, visit our About Us page.

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