Who says it’s not cool to be dated?

If you want to keep your clients up to date on their pet’s appointments, vaccinations, and boosters, ‘tis the season for giving out calendars. Pet lovers will hang onto them for the adorable images and their favorite veterinarian’s contact information printed on them.

We offer a plethora of calendars, making it easy for you to hand them out in the office or mail with holiday greetings. Whatever’s cool with you! Not sure? Read on to determine which is right for you –

  • Wall calendars are great for keeping your name up there every month. The start of a new month is yet another reason for your clients to flip the image on this folding calendar and see your practice name and phone number right there under the dates. At just 10 calendars in a unit, you can be very precise in your quantities too.
  • It’s a hard fact of life: people move furniture, change desks, rethink and reorganize. Restickable calendars are ready to go! Easy-peasy, durable, and so a-peeling! Choose your size – 3 ½” x 6 or 4” x 7”.
  • Calendar Postcards are ideal for sending your reminders on the back and then giving your clients a reason to keep your information around. Postcards with handy calendars are perfect for tacking up on the bulletin board, sticking on the fridge, or slipping inside a purse or backpack. Choose your format- calendar postcards are available in 3 up, 4 up, standard postcard, and jumbo sizes. Let us print your message on the back or print your own.
  • Calendar Magnets give new meaning to “refrigerator staple.” Who doesn’t need a quick check of dates while they’re in the kitchen getting ready for the day or when rushing to their next outing? And, unlike the milk in the refrigerator, Calendar Magnets don’t expire for a whole year! Your name and number are prominently featured in the design, and you can choose from two size options.

Make a date with clients for their pets’ next visits in the New Year and give them calendars to ensure they remember.

Birthday Messages

Birthday Messages

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