How to market your practice with Kids’ Stuff

Kids will be out of school soon and you’re likely to see more of them accompanying parents and their furry family members on their visits. Having supplies on hand specifically for young ones is a smart move!

Remember that today’s kids are your future clients.

The right marketing materials can influence how they care for their future pets and from whom they will seek veterinary care.  Think of these marketing products as opportunities to educate them on responsible pet ownership. They also have the added benefit of being miniature billboards when you personalize them with your practice name and contact information.

Let’s take a closer look at the great “Kids’ Stuff” that MBS offers and find out how they can further your mission to keep furry friends healthy and happy:

Coloring Books are wonderful for your young visitors.

Hand them out in waiting areas with crayons or colored pencils to keep kids busy while their furry friend is being treated.  They’re a big hit, too, at open houses and school visits. Currently, we have nine available with themes to match the pets you treat as well as your young clients’ interests. One has a farm animal theme to give out when you are out on a call; another is dog only, while another is cat only. There’s even a mandala-themed one for adults; coloring is a popular pastime, so why not share the joy with everyone!  And don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with colored pencils and crayons.

Share the joy with Kid Stickers.

Reward good behavior with a kid favorite!  No one can resist such a fun incentive. Combining two favorites – pets and stickers – will make you a hit in your practice and at community events. Get more mileage from your stickers by personalizing them.

Treat them to Tattoos.

If you’ve ever thought of getting a tattoo, here’s your chance. Get as many as you want to hand out to kiddos without breaking the bank! Kids love sporting cute and cuddly critter tattoos on their arms. These temporary tattoos are cleaned off easily, so appreciative parents will think you’re really cool too.

Cute, collectible bookmarks save the spot for you.

Spark kids’ interest in learning more about responsible pet care with bookmarks to hand out at community events. Your practice name and address are imprinted on the back, so they’ll always have a reminder tucked inside a safe place.

Giveaways are lots of fun and great reminders of your practice. Kids love them and parents will remember your generosity and support. Best of all, you’ll be helping teach responsibility and care to the next generation of pet owners.



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